Graduate student Fahri Emre Öztürk won the best poster award at the Fall 2014 Materials Research Society (MRS) Meeting in Boston, USA. The annual Fall Meeting in Boston is the preeminent annual event of materials research, featuring over 50 symposia and attended by more than 6,800 researchers from every corner of the globe.

Poster authors Fahri Emre Ozturk, Abubakar Isa Adamu, Adem Yildirim, Mehmet Kanik and Mehmet Bayindir were honored for their poster titled “Conical Bragg fibers: narrow band waveguides for breath analysis”. Their work comprised biomedical applications of the optoelectronic nose system developed at UNAM laboratories. The group was able to fabricate infrared photonic bandgap fibers which have very narrow transmission bands and demonstrated that the narrow band fibers can be potentially used for diagnosing diabetes from patients’ breath samples.

MRS poster awards are given in recognition of the technical content, appearance and presentation quality.