Our group member Mehmet Kanik received his PhD degree in Materials Science and Nanotechnology. During his Ph.D. years, he always showed his enthusiasm, hard-working and his devotion to science.
In his thesis, which was titled as Nanostructured Materials and Devices For Energy Harvesting and Sensing Applications, he developed a new phase change mechanism of polymer piezoelectric materials, which can drastically enhance performance of such materials. He showed proof of principle, high-performance, triboelectric and piezoelectric nanoelectronic devices such as artificial skin, nano-energy-generators, chemical sensors, anthropometric artificial hand, electro-cardiac sensors. In addition to those studies mentioned above, he contributed several researches related to development of photonic band gap fibers, photoconductive nanowires, chalcogenide micro-cavity resonator arrays, conductive composite nanostructures, fiber based microfluidic channels, artificial nose and core-shell nanostructures.

Proudly, he will continue to do research at the Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT as a neuroscientist. He is focused on diverse subjects such as neurophysiological and neuromuscular interfaces, opto-genetics and mimicking neural activities such as action potential. We wish him a successful and productive career at Bioelectronics Group.