1. Pelin Tören
    Ultra high quality factor microtoroidal optical resonators in label-free biosensing applications with high sensitivity and selectivity, PhD Thesis, November 2016.

  2. Mehmet Kanık
    Nanostructured materials and devices for sensing and energy harvesting applications, PhD Thesis, August 2015.

  3. Adem Yildirim
    Nanostructured materials for biological imaging and chemical sensing, PhD Thesis, November 2014.

  4. Erol Özgür
    Design and development of novel large scale applications in micro/nanophotonics and nanobiotechnology, PhD Thesis, August 2014.

  5. Ozan Aktaş
    Chalcogenide micro and nanostructures and applications, PhD Thesis, August 2014.

  6. Tural Khudiyev
    Fabrication of core-shell nanostructures for photonics applications, PhD Thesis, July 2013.

  7. Hülya Budunoğlu
    Organically modified silica based nanomaterials for functional surfaces, PhD Thesis, August 2012.

  1. Abubakar Isa Adamu
    Binary coded identification of industrial chemical vapors with optofluidic nose, MS Thesis, December 2016.

  2. Abba Usman Saleh
    Development of multicore and tapered chalcogenide fibers for supercontinuum generation, MS Thesis, December 2016.

  3. M. Girayhan Say
    High performance multimaterial fibers and devices, MS Thesis, June 2016.

  4. Muhammad Yunusa
    Micro and nanotextured polymer fibers for open microfluidics, MS Thesis, January 2016.

  5. Bekir Turedi
    Nonlinear optics in nanostructures fiber bundles, MS Thesis, August 2015.

  6. Urandelger Tuvshindorj
    Organically modified silica nanostructures based functional coatings for practical applications, MS Thesis, August 2015.

  7. E. Fahri Öztürk
    Artificial olfaction with hollow core bragg fiber arrays, MS Thesis, August 2014.

  8. Tamer Doğan
    Bio-inspired all-polymer photonic crystal fibers, MS Thesis, August 2014.

  9. Pınar Beyazkılıç
    Formation of pyrene excimers in mesoporous organically modified silica thin films for visual detection of nitroaromatic explosives, MS Thesis, August 2013.

  10. Muhammet Halit Dolaş
    Light scattering from core-shell nano-structures: Structural coloration, MS Thesis, August 2013.

  11. Muhammet Çelebi
    Silicon nanocrystal doped polymer nanowire arrays, MS Thesis, August 2013.

  12. Hüseyin Duman
    Design and fabrication of resonant nanoantennas on chalcogenide glasses for nonlinear photonic applications, MS Thesis, August 2013.

  13. Özlem Köylü
    Polymer/glass hollow-core photonic band gap fibers for infrared laser beam delivery, MS Thesis, April 2011.

  14. Murat C. Kilinc
    Resonant plasmonics nanoantennas, MS Thesis, April 2010.

  15. Adem Yildirim
    Aerogel thin films for TNT sensing, MS Thesis, August 2009.

  16. Kemal Gurel
    Coupled surface plasmon structures and applications, MS Thesis, September 2009.

  17. Y. Nuri Ertas
    Microfluidics for plasmonic sensors and electromagnetic applications, MS Thesis, September 2009.

  18. Mert Vural
    Hollow core photonic bandgap fibers for medical applications, MS Thesis, August 2009.

  19. Duygu Akbulut
    Lasing action and supercontinuum generation in nano- and micro-structures, MS Thesis, January 2009.

  20. Ozlem Senlik 
    Micro- and nano-structured devices for thermal analysis and plasmonic applications, MS Thesis, September 2008.

  21. Ozan Aktas
    Multi-frequency fluxgate magnetic force microscopy, MS Thesis, September 2008.