Professor Mehmet BAYINDIR [ CV ]

4U Nanotechnologies Inc.
Founder / President

Publications / Citations: Google Scholar
Editorial Board Member, Nature Scientific Reports
Founding Deputy Director, 2006-2013, UNAM-National Nanotechnology Research Center
Director, 2013-2015, UNAM [ Annual Reports, 2013, 2014, 2015] [ Video ]

PhD, Bilkent University, 2002
Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2002-2005
Research Scientist, Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT, 2005-2006

European Research Council-ERC Proof of Concept, 2016
European Research Council-ERC Consolidator, 2012
The Young Scientists Award of Turkish Academy of Sciences, 2007
Incentive Award of The Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey, 2006
Optical Society of America (OSA) New Focus Student Award, 2001

Representative Publications:
Metal insulator semiconductor optoelectronic fibres Nature, 2004
Integrated fibres for self-monitored optical transport Nature Materials, 2005
Towards multimaterial multifunctional fibres that see, hear, sense and communicate Nature Materials, 2007
Arrays of indefinitely-long, uniform nanowires and nanotubes Nature Materials, 2011
Motion and sound activated, 3D printed, chalcogenide based triboelectric nanogenerator Advanced Materials, 2015
Tight-binding description of the coupled defect modes in three-dimensional photonic crystals Physical Review Letters, 2000
Tailoring self-organized nanostructured morphologies in kilometer-long polymer fiber Scientific Reports, 2014
Bio-inspired optoelectronic nose with nanostructured wavelength scalable hollow-core infrared fibers Advanced Materials, 2011
Spontaneous high piezoelectricity in Poly (vinylidene fluoride) nanoribbons produced by iterative thermal size reduction technique ACS Nano, 2014
Surface textured polymer fibers for microfluidics Advanced Functional Materials, 2014
Optoelectronic fiber photodetector U.S. Patent No: 7292758, 2007, licensed
Thermal sensing fiber devices U.S. Patent No: 7567740, 2009, licensed

Invited Lectures and Talks (Selected):
-Micro and Nanostructured Fibers for Smart Surfaces, Triboelectric/Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting and Sensing, MRS Spring Meeting, Phoenix, 16-22 April 2017
-Kilometers-Long Piezoelectric Polymer Nanoribbon Arrays for Sensing and Energy Generation, MRS Spring Meeting, Phoenix, 16-22 April 2017
-Fiber-based micro and nano-devices for sensing and energy harvesting, KAUST, Saudi Arabia, 29 March 2017
-Piezoelectric polymer nanoribbons produced by iterative size reduction technique for electronic skin, artificial hand and electro cardiac devices, 17 June 2016, NGPT Workshop, Rome, Italy
-Realization of a novel nanofabrication scheme: Producing kilometer-long nanostructures, 17 June 2015, UNIDO Workshop, UNAM, Ankara
-ERC-Grantees Conference 2014, Frontiers in Chemistry – The Basis for Advanced Materials, Berlin, Germany, 28 August 2014
-Nanotechnology for a Sustainable Development, Applications of Nanotechnology in Industry, Opportunity of Integration among IDB Member States, Egypt, 29–31 January 2012
-[Keynote speaker] Nanotechnology: Engineering a better future, 4th Wief-UITM Global Discourse On Nanotechnology, Kuala Lumpur, Malasia, October 14, 2011