Optics Lab with 45 m2 lab space contains 3 optical tables, high-resolution infrared camera,  CO2 Lasers, He-Cd UV laser, optical, electrical, and mechanical characterization tools.

Equipment list:
-Optical tables (Newport)
-Infrared camera (FLIR)
-CO2 lasers (Lumenis)
-He-Cd UV laser (Kimmon)
-Two-point mechanical fiber testing station (FiberSigma)
-Silica/chalcogenide fiber tapering systems (home-built)
-Tunable laser (Santec)
-Tunable diode laser (Toptica)
-Power meters (Newport)
-High-voltage DC power supply (Keithley)
-Source meter (Keithley)
-Signal generator (Keithley)
-Monochromator (Spectral Products)
-Syringe pumps (New Era Pump Systems)
-Piezo stages (Thorlabs)
-He-Ne lasers

Pictures from Optics Lab: