Fiberlab, a separate building with 200 m2 floor space, contains two fiber drawing towers and a preform growth and characterization facility with state-of-the-art modified chemical vapor deposition (MCVD) system.

Equipment list:
-High-temperature fiber draw tower (Optogear) has been using to produce specialty fibers, Yb-doped fibers for high-power fiber lasers, production of Germanium and Silicon micro and nanowires, phase-change nanowires
-Low-temperature fiber draw tower (home-built) used to draw soft-glass fibers, hollow-core Bragg fibers, micro- and nano-structured polymer fibers, piezoelectric polymer micro- and nanowires, chalcogenide nanostructures, multimaterials device fibers
-Modified chemical vapor deposition (MCVD) (Optacore) is capable to manufacture active fiber preforms for high-power fiber lasers
-Glovebox (MBraun)
-HF acid etching station
-Preform analyzer (Photon Kinetics)
-Preform polariscope
-Preform slice measurement system
-FTIR (Bruker, Tensor 37)
-Inverted microscope (Zeiss, Axio Imager)
-Carbon/Golg coater (EMS, EMS150R ES)
-Soft-glass (chalcogenide) production station
-Silica glass processing line
-Machine shop

Pictures from FiberLab: