The facility has over 50 equipment in FiberLab, MaterLab, and OpticLab which were purchased through several national and international projects funded by Tubitak, European Research Council-ERC, Ministry of Development, and Industry partners.

Fiberlab, a separate building with 200 m2 floor space, contains two fiber drawing towers and a preform growth and characterization facility with state-of-the-art modified chemical vapor deposition (MCVD) system.

MaterLab, Materials Lab with 90 m2 lab space, contains sputtering system, thermal evaporation, contact angle measurement system, ultramicrotome,  polymer/soft glass preform preparation line, thin film production line.

OpticLab, with 45 m2 lab space contains 3 optical tables, high-resolution infrared camera,  CO2 Lasers, He-Cd UV laser, optical, electrical, and mechanical characterization tools.