Producing kilometer-long nanowire and nanotube arrays.
It is not often that prefix multipliers kilo- and nano- come together; and when they do exclusively in the opening chapters of physical sciences textbooks the point being made is that the universe around us spans enourmous space and time scales while operating in unimaginably small ones. We are truly awestruck and inspired by the tension. Kilometer long nanowires do have a similar eponymous echo. The new fabrication technique, reported in Nature Materials by Bayindir research group at UNAM-National Nanotechnology Researsh Center, Bilkent University is essentially a size reduction technique. Controlled thermal size reduction is repeated iteratively until a macroscopic rod is scaled down to nano sizes radially while elongated axially. In this way a variety of semiconducting, piezoelectric and polymer nanowires and tubes can be produced. Millions of ordered indefinetely long nanowires, nanotubes, and one dimensional core-shell structures are obtained in a protective polymer. It seems fiber drawing has just been reinvented in the age of nanotechnology.

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